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Welcome to Sea Harvest

Sea Harvest | Monterey's Premier Seafood Market & Restaurant Since 1982

Discover the essence of ocean-fresh dining at Sea Harvest, a culinary gem nestled in Monterey, CA, since 1982. Our family-owned seafood market and restaurant pride themselves on a menu crafted from scratch, offering high-quality delights sourced from sustainable fisheries worldwide. Immerse yourself in a delectable seafood experience that spans 40 years of tradition, featuring a diverse range of options for lunch or dinner. Conveniently located at 598 Foam St, we provide not just exceptional cuisine but also amenities like credit card acceptance and bike parking. Join us and savor the finest flavors of the sea in the heart of the Monterey Peninsula. Call (831) 646-0547 for more details.


Restaurant Locations

Welcome to Sea Harvest – a cherished cornerstone of Monterey's culinary scene since 1982.

Our Legacy

Sea Harvest stands as a testament to a family's passion for seafood and a commitment to delivering unparalleled dining experiences. For four decades, we have been an integral part of the Monterey community, sharing our love for the ocean's bounty.

From-Scratch Excellence

At Sea Harvest, our culinary philosophy revolves around crafting dishes from scratch. Every meal is an artful creation, made with the freshest ingredients sourced from sustainable fisheries worldwide. We take pride in offering a diverse and high-quality seafood menu that reflects our dedication to culinary excellence.

Sustainable Practices

Our journey is intertwined with a deep respect for the oceans. We exclusively procure from the healthiest sustainable fisheries, ensuring that every bite is not only a delight for your palate but also a responsible choice for the planet.

Culinary Adventure

Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure with our full menu that highlights the best the sea has to offer. Whether you're a seafood enthusiast or a casual diner, Sea Harvest invites you to explore the rich flavors of the Monterey Peninsula.

Community Connection

More than just a restaurant, Sea Harvest is a gathering place for the community. Our story is woven into the fabric of Monterey, and we are honored to have been part of your celebrations, gatherings, and everyday moments for 40 years.

Visit Us

Conveniently located at 598 Foam St, our doors are open from 9 AM to 7:30 PM, inviting you to join us for a delightful lunch or dinner. Sea Harvest is not just a dining experience; it's a celebration of tradition, sustainability, and the joy of sharing exceptional seafood.

Contact Information

Come, be a part of our story, and savor the finest seafood moments at Sea Harvest.

Dixie L.
Dixie L.

Fremont, CA

Food: - Seafood pasta: bomb! Not too heavy and it came with lots of seafood - scallop and chips: evenly breaded and not too soggy. The chips could have been more crispy and thinly sliced but that's only my personal preference. - oysters: yum! Fresh would come back again for these - fresh seafood bar: lots of freshly sliced seafood if you wanted to buy something to go. Service: - fast, seat yourself with a buzzer notification for when your food is ready. Ambiance: - chill and lowkey with a large patio seating. I only wish the patio had space heaters as it was pretty chilly outside.

Shannon J.
Shannon J.

Reno, NV

This is one of our favorite places to eat when in the Carmel/ Monterey area. We usually get the clam chowder, and also fish and chips. This time we added the fried artichoke and they didn't disappoint. Add a glass of white wine while sitting outside and you have a nice reasonably priced dinner or lunch! They are also dog friendly on their patio which is a big plus in our book.

Elayne W.
Elayne W.

Manhattan, NY

A seafood market with a couple tables to dine in. You grab a menu, sit at a table then order at the counter. They have lots of fresh fish to choose from and you can get it grilled (Cajun style or with butter) or fried. They also have scallops, oysters and other seafood with a selection of wine by the glass, half bottle or full bottle. My boyfriend and I shared a quart of clam chowder (SO delicious with lots clams), 6 oysters and Cajun grilled sea bass over a Caesar salad. The food was so simple but you could taste how fresh everything was. I would recommend this place for a casual, high quality seafood meal!

Phillip M.
Phillip M.

San Diego, CA

Total- ~$50 + $6 tip + ~$25 takeout This review has no pictures and I sincerely apologize. Sea Harvest is a beautiful hidden gem spot, and it makes my top 5 places for the best clam chowders in Monterey. This restaurant/fish market is a taste of Monterey's best seafood and more. Everything is fresh, simple, and done to near perfection. It feels like a Mom and Pop with a dedication to their craft. Clam Chowder - Every part of this dish makes these mollusks shine. Its taste mirrors New England chowder staples and the consistency is unbeatable. I love chowder on the thinner side and the clams were briny and tender. 4.9/5 Fish and Chips - Crisp, light, and airy batter paired with a fish that flakes beautifully. Simple and elegant, 4.6/5

John Y.
John Y.

Agoura Hills, CA

This place is amazing. Very very fresh food and I would put it up against any seafood restaurant in the Monterey area. Ive been coming up there from LA since the 80s for motorsport events and unfortunately just discovered it during 2022 car week. Its the only restaurant my friends and I will go to now while in the area.